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Do you love puzzles, then look no more, these are the best! Several different themes to choose from...."Drinks Across America," "Chick Flicks," and "Macho Movies." Happy puzzling!

Each puzzle has 500 puzzles.

Drinks Across America, each piece invites you to quench your curiosity about the favorite beverages from each of the 50 states. Each illustrated bottle, jug, cup, or jar is filled with a different delight, so grab a friend, empty the box, and raise your glass to puzzle-making fun. Cheers!

Chick Flick.....laughter, stolen kisses, and full hearts come together in this whimsical movie map. Just as with every great romance, each piece of the puzzle has their very own soulmate. Match them together for the perfect meet-cute to build the streets, lanes, alleys, and avenues of your favorite chick flick locations.

Macho movie location map charts a course through all the grit and adrenaline of Hollywood's most popular action and adventure flicks. Where else can you explore the jungles of Wakanda and a galaxy far, far away at the same time?

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