Christmas Vintage Spice Jar Candle

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Christmas Vintage Spice Jar Candle is just right for your seasonal farmhouse decor. These poured candles, each presented in a holiday-themed spice jar have their own unique scent. Put these holiday spice jar candles in your windowsill, or use them for the perfect holiday gift idea, and bring back the vintage Christmas!

Wild Currant & Thyme Tonic: Smell of botanical infusion
Fresh Cut Evergreen: Mix of pine, cedar, eucalyptus, balsam & juniper with a wintry scent.
Best Tree Ever: Inviting scent of fresh cut Christmas trees
Gingerbread House: Gingerbread fills the air with Caramel, Ginger, Nutmeg & a Vanilla blend.
Milk & Cookies for Santa: Aroma of cookie dough, chocolate, creamy vanilla, sugar, carmel & hazelnut.
Home for the Holidays: All the smells of grandma's Christmas candy jar.

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