Adama Pinta B Rug 2' x 4'

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Enjoy a fun pop of color to your current home decor. The Adama collections come in various sizes and shapes and can be custom to fit your specific space.

Love those four legged friends, but tired of the pet hair getting caught on the rug fibers, then these rug is what you have been looking for. These vinyl/polyester rugs are non-slip, stain-resistant, easy to clean, hypoallergenic and pet-friendly. Spill something on them, no worries, a wet cloth is all you need for clean up. They’re also durable, and can help protect your flooring from scratches as well as common wear and tear. Easily move an office chair or dining room chair across them without any troubles. They are even “Robot Cleaner” friendly, yes, your robot vacuum cleaner can effortlessly clean their surfaces.

Dimension of rug: 2' x 4'

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